• Techniques When Brushing Your Teeth
    Techniques When Brushing Your Teeth
    We live in a period where there are methods to do anything; and for a good reason. Following the proper way of doing things tend to give the best results that one could have hoped for.
  • Benefits of Orthotics Insoles
    Benefits of Orthotics Insoles
    There are many benefits of using orthotics insoles that you might not have known before. They not only make you feel comfortable but have other benefits that will enhance your safety.


Heart attack – all that you should know

A heart attack is a myocardial disease, and it results in damaging the muscles of your heart permanently. It occurs when a heart gets blocked of enough supply of oxygen, and the oxygen fails to reach it. If the oxygen supply isn’t restored as soon as possible, the part of the heart slowly begins to die, and it starts to damage to the extent that it can even lead to death.

How does it happen?

fdgdfgdgdfggfhfghgfhOxygen supply is blocked to the heart when a waxy substance starts to implant within the walls of the arteries, and it slowly starts to narrow the oxygen flow to the heart. These arteries are coronary arteries which carry the oxygen to the heart, and the stance in which the plagues start to embed it within the walls of the arteries is called atherosclerosis.

This process might take up to several years for the plague to build itself up to the extent that someday it starts to block the supply of oxygen. This eventually ends up causing a blood clot which can be smaller or a larger one which can completely block the path of oxygen to the heart.

Signs of heart attack

The symptoms of a heart attack differ from one person to the other as everyone’s body functions differently. However, some very obvious symptoms of heart attack are listed below

Chest burns, heaviness in a chest or chest pain – Pain in stomach, jaw, arms and for some people the pain becomes very severe that it becomes uncomfortable at times. Nausea, vomiting or difficulty in breathing may also be experienced.


fdgdfgdfgfghfghFor a person undergoing a certain situation, the following steps are taken to check if he/she has suffered a heart attack or not. The person gets examined, and pulse rate is checked along with blood pressure. An ECG is conducted in the ambulance or with the doctor. Pain relievers are given to give instant comfort to the patient.

Heart attack treatment

Different types of blood therapies are conducted by the doctor to provide relief to the patient who is suffering from heart attack. This is done to get rid of the blood clots so that oxygen is able to reach the heart. Also, this is done to prevent the platelets from gathering around the heart and jamming it furthermore.

Once the plague causing the heart attack is stabilized, it gets easier for the oxygen to straighten its path to the heart and to normalize the body functions. All the medications are given to the patient as early as possible because any further delay can cause the death of the person.

Future recommendations

fdgdgdfgdfgTo prevent any sort of further heart attacks, it is always advised to intake the medicines on a regular basis and to never miss out on any dose. Regular checkups must be conducted with your assigned doctor to check the progress of our heart condition and to stay yourself clear from all the future risks. Changing a person’s lifestyle can also prove to be beneficial for a strong and happy heart.


How to prevent your skin from aging


At some point, people will experience the effects of aging, particularly those who are already in their 50s. In fact, some younger individuals start to notice the signs of aging as early as in their 20s or 30s. And these first signs will be visible on your skin. These may include fine lines, wrinkles, and even the so-called age spots. All of which can make you look old. Do you want to look like that? Of course not, right? So, read on and find out how you can prevent your skin from aging.

Aging skin

hdhdh74Like what was mentioned earlier, aging is a natural process that everyone will have to deal with sooner or later. All of us will get old, and this is inevitable. However, this does not mean that you can already settle for wrinkles and some ugly marks on your skin. There are various things that you can do to avoid all these, or, at least, slow them down.

Below are some of the things that you can do to maintain the youthfulness of your skin regardless of your age;

Do not smoke

Cigarette smoking is one of the top reasons why the skin age sooner than expected. Tobacco products contain a lot of harmful substances that damage the skin cells. With this, the dermis would look dull, and it can also get dry.

Aside from its ill effects on the skin, smoking can also cause other health problems like lung cancer. In fact, the smoke that tobacco products emit once you light them up can also affect the people around you. So, if you are a smoker, one important step that you have to take is to stop this unhealthy habit.

Use sun protection

Another cause of premature skin aging is too much exposure to the sun. It is then essential that you protect yourself from this damaging factor. If you go out, you can make use of an umbrella. A wide-brimmed hat when going to the beach would be useful too. And most importantly, put a lotion on that contains sunscreen.

Use skin care products

hdhdhd74Aside from the creams and lotions that contain sun protection, there are other important skin care products that you should include in your daily beauty regimen. One of the most popular products out there today is Vitamin C Serum, which can definitely help you nourish and protect your skin. You can visit https://del.icio.us/vitcserumreviews for more info. You can sign up on LinkedIn too so you can access the reviews on the best Vitamin C Serum.


Importance Of Getting Full Hepatitis Test

Hepatitis or inflammation of the liver is a life-threatening condition in which when left untreated it could lead to liver failure or cancer of the liver. There are several different types of hepatitis which include hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, hepatitis E, alcoholic hepatitis [which is mostly caused by prolonged consumption of alcohol] and autoimmune hepatitis [which occurs when the immune system attacks and damages the liver]. One test won’t be able to rule out which type of hepatitis you have a reason why performing a full hepatitis test is important. A full test may include, urine test, blood test, and stool test.

Importance of getting a full hepatitis test

Rule out the type of hepatitis you have

wesdfgcvhbnMost hepatitis symptoms don’t show early. This means you can have the disease and still feel fine. The benefits of getting a full test are to rule out the type of hepatitis you have so that you can get the right treatment and medication from your doctor. This will prevent the disease from reaching the latter stages which could be fatal.

Clear doubts and concerns

It’s very hard to concentrate if you feel like you have been exposed to any hepatitis through blood to blood contact from an infected friend or family member. To clear your doubts and live in peace, you should get a full hepatitis test. Doing this will help you get effective treatment early in case your doctor rules out you have hepatitis.

If you have a history of STDs or you are sexually active

If you are sexually active, getting a vaccine against hepatitis A and hepatitis B is very important. If not then getting a full hepatitis test is necessary. This is because having sex with unvaccinated persons infected with hepatitis will mostly likely increase your chances of being infected. Using condoms during sex however was found to be effective in preventing these viruses. To rule out if you are safe if you had unsafe sex, get a hepatitis test.

To prevent yourself from getting liver cancer

Hepatitis is dangerous if not treatment early. Hepatitis C when not treated early could lead to liver failure and even cancer. Getting a full test will help you start medication early in turn saving yourself from cancer.

To protect family and friends

123we4rtfghHepatitis is contagious. Since it has no symptoms in the beginning, you could infect others without being aware. Razors, nail clippers, sharing toothbrushes can all put others at risk. Getting tested early will make you cautious especially if you have hepatitis thus preventing others
Hepatitis, though life-threatening, one can live with it for a very long time. Getting tested even if you are sure you are not infected is the best way to live hepatitis free no matter your diet or how you choose to live your life.


Proper Techniques When Brushing Your Teeth

We live in a period where there are methods to do anything; and for a good reason. Following the proper way of doing things tend to give the best results that one could have hoped for. The truth holds even for the simplest everyday things; like brushing your teeth. There is a proper way to brush your teeth to ensure that your oral hygiene and your smile are perfect. The following simple steps will ensure that each stroke of your toothbrush is not a daily morning obligation but gives you the maximum oral benefit.

Proper brushing techniques

Clean both inner and outer teeth surfaces

123werdtfghThe first step in brushing your teeth is to hold your brush at a 45-degrees angle to your gums. Then using slow, gentle and short strokes, start cleaning your teeth. Most people only clean their outer surfaces as that the area seen when they smile. But cleaning their tooth involves a lot of surfaces. After cleaning the outer surfaces of the teeth; you should then concentrate on the inner surfaces, the chewing surfaces and the back of the teeth. Ensure that each surface is properly and thoroughly cleaned using back and forth strokes. It is vital to remember changing your brushing pattern for every brushing; this aid to ensure that you do not miss any surface on a regular basis.

Do not forget the tongue

Your tongue is a part of your teeth; in a dental perspective. When brushing your teeth, it is important that you gently brush your tongue to remove bacteria and prevent bad odor. Regular brushing of the tongue freshen your breath and should thus not be forgotten.

Take your time

23werdtfgvhbIn our hurry to start doing other important’ things; we haste to brush our teeth and be done with it. Most people brush their teeth in seconds and leave it at that. Your teeth should, however, be accorded at least two minutes when you are brushing them. Take at least 120 seconds to ensure that every surface is properly cleaned. You should also be in no hurry to rinse your mouth after brushing; this is to allow the fluoride in the toothpaste to be effective.
Brushing your teeth using the proper techniques helps your teeth to stay stronger, healthier and brighter for longer. Ensure that you treat them well by using a proper toothbrush that you should replace every three months or when you get a cold to avoid transferring germs. Always remember to be gentle with your teeth to ensure that every smile that you flash shows your perfectly healthy and strong tooth.