Importance Of Getting Full Hepatitis Test

Hepatitis or inflammation of the liver is a life-threatening condition in which when left untreated it could lead to liver failure or cancer of the liver. There are several different types of hepatitis which include hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, hepatitis E, alcoholic hepatitis [which is mostly caused by prolonged consumption of alcohol] and autoimmune hepatitis [which occurs when the immune system attacks and damages the liver]. One test won’t be able to rule out which type of hepatitis you have a reason why performing a full hepatitis test is important. A full test may include, urine test, blood test, and stool test.

Importance of getting a full hepatitis test

Rule out the type of hepatitis you have

wesdfgcvhbnMost hepatitis symptoms don’t show early. This means you can have the disease and still feel fine. The benefits of getting a full test are to rule out the type of hepatitis you have so that you can get the right treatment and medication from your doctor. This will prevent the disease from reaching the latter stages which could be fatal.

Clear doubts and concerns

It’s very hard to concentrate if you feel like you have been exposed to any hepatitis through blood to blood contact from an infected friend or family member. To clear your doubts and live in peace, you should get a full hepatitis test. Doing this will help you get effective treatment early in case your doctor rules out you have hepatitis.

If you have a history of STDs or you are sexually active

If you are sexually active, getting a vaccine against hepatitis A and hepatitis B is very important. If not then getting a full hepatitis test is necessary. This is because having sex with unvaccinated persons infected with hepatitis will mostly likely increase your chances of being infected. Using condoms during sex however was found to be effective in preventing these viruses. To rule out if you are safe if you had unsafe sex, get a hepatitis test.

To prevent yourself from getting liver cancer

Hepatitis is dangerous if not treatment early. Hepatitis C when not treated early could lead to liver failure and even cancer. Getting a full test will help you start medication early in turn saving yourself from cancer.

To protect family and friends

123we4rtfghHepatitis is contagious. Since it has no symptoms in the beginning, you could infect others without being aware. Razors, nail clippers, sharing toothbrushes can all put others at risk. Getting tested early will make you cautious especially if you have hepatitis thus preventing others
Hepatitis, though life-threatening, one can live with it for a very long time. Getting tested even if you are sure you are not infected is the best way to live hepatitis free no matter your diet or how you choose to live your life.