Proper Techniques When Brushing Your Teeth

We live in a period where there are methods to do anything; and for a good reason. Following the proper way of doing things tend to give the best results that one could have hoped for. The truth holds even for the simplest everyday things; like brushing your teeth. There is a proper way to brush your teeth to ensure that your oral hygiene and your smile are perfect. The following simple steps will ensure that each stroke of your toothbrush is not a daily morning obligation but gives you the maximum oral benefit.

Proper brushing techniques

Clean both inner and outer teeth surfaces

123werdtfghThe first step in brushing your teeth is to hold your brush at a 45-degrees angle to your gums. Then using slow, gentle and short strokes, start cleaning your teeth. Most people only clean their outer surfaces as that the area seen when they smile. But cleaning their tooth involves a lot of surfaces. After cleaning the outer surfaces of the teeth; you should then concentrate on the inner surfaces, the chewing surfaces and the back of the teeth. Ensure that each surface is properly and thoroughly cleaned using back and forth strokes. It is vital to remember changing your brushing pattern for every brushing; this aid to ensure that you do not miss any surface on a regular basis.

Do not forget the tongue

Your tongue is a part of your teeth; in a dental perspective. When brushing your teeth, it is important that you gently brush your tongue to remove bacteria and prevent bad odor. Regular brushing of the tongue freshen your breath and should thus not be forgotten.

Take your time

23werdtfgvhbIn our hurry to start doing other important’ things; we haste to brush our teeth and be done with it. Most people brush their teeth in seconds and leave it at that. Your teeth should, however, be accorded at least two minutes when you are brushing them. Take at least 120 seconds to ensure that every surface is properly cleaned. You should also be in no hurry to rinse your mouth after brushing; this is to allow the fluoride in the toothpaste to be effective.
Brushing your teeth using the proper techniques helps your teeth to stay stronger, healthier and brighter for longer. Ensure that you treat them well by using a proper toothbrush that you should replace every three months or when you get a cold to avoid transferring germs. Always remember to be gentle with your teeth to ensure that every smile that you flash shows your perfectly healthy and strong tooth.